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Astro Engineering telescopes Astro Engineering telescopes Astro Engineering telescopes
Astro Engineering's range is vast. They continuely update some items and discontinue many items. Let us know the part number for stock check, price and alternatives.
The current good exchange rate means the prices have dropped by about 15% over the list below. Contact us for price confirmation. AC020 Micro Wedge ETX90 table top and tripod fit wedge mount $313AUD AC021 Micro Wedge ETX105 & ETX125 table top and tripod fit mount $345AUD AC022 Piggyback camera support for ETX90 $143AUD AC023 Piggyback camera support for ETX125 $143AUD AC025 Counter balance system for ETX $93AUD AC026 Accessory support plate (can be used with AC025 above) $46AUD AC027 Tripod adaptor plate to fit all ETX telescopes to photo tripods $106AUD AC034 Basic counter balance system for all LX 7" & 8" $175AUD AC035 Counter balance system 3D rail for all LX 7" & 10" $425AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC060 Dew shield flexible for 7" MC & 8" SCT $87AUD AC061 Dew shield flexible for 12" SCT $118AUD AC091 Wheel-Easy - scope moving trolly for LX up to 12" (see AC292) $672AUD AC104 Dew shield flexible ETX125 $61AUD AC110 LX200 field pier (for all wedges) $893AUD AC111 Tri-Wedge heavy duty tripod for ETX105 & ETX125 $729AUD AC113 Extra weights (x3) for all SCT balance systems $70AUD AC117 Deluxe latitude adjuster for LX standard wedge $145AUD AC119 Basic counter balance system for all LX 10" SCT $175AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC122 Basic counter balance system for all LX 12" SCT $175AUD AC123 Counter balance system 3D rail for all LX 12" SCT $411AUD AC124 Tray for handset and eyepieces to fit ETX tripods (883, 884 etc) $87AUD AC139 PC cable 20m RS232 for LX200 $90AUD AC140 PC cable 30m RS232 for 497 Autostar $145AUD AC150 PC cable 10m RS232 for 497 Autostar $88AUD AC156 ETX base to LX standard wedge adaptor plate $157AUD AC162 DIY observatory pier kit for all Meade and BC&F AE LX wedges $689AUD AC164 Standard locator plate for all LX200 $160AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC173 Dew shield flexible 10" SCT/SNT $109AUD AC182 Dew shield flexible ETX 90 $54AUD AC217 Eyepiece tray for LX90 (and LX200GPS) $103AUD AC218 MegaWedge for all LX SCT $1643AUD AC219 Wheel legs for field pier $376AUD AC222 Dew shield flexible ETX 60AT & ETX 70AT $46AUD AC232 Cable 10m RS232 for LX200 $88AUD AC237 Counter balance system 3D for all LX200 16" $550AUD AC243 Ring system 5" (for twin rail system see AC441 / 445) to fit LX200 (rings only)$337AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC255 Counter balance system 3D rail for all LX 8" $398AUD AC269 PC cable 20m RS232 for 497 Autostar $103AUD AC270 Altazimuth accessory head for Tri-Wedge AC111 tripod $124AUD AC276 Coll-U-Mates replace knobs 8" LX $63AUD AC277 Coll-U-Mates replace knobs10" LX $63AUD AC278 Coll-U-Mates replace knobs12" LX $63AUD AC280 Meade electronic eyepiece accessory kit $88AUD AC281 Anti-dewing heater element for Telrad $85AUD AC282 Standard observatory pier for all LX wedges $1904AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC286 Field pier for all LX wedges $1000AUD AC291 Ring system 7" (for twin rail system see AC441 / 445) to fit LX200 (rings only)$389AUD AC292 Wheel-Easy extender bar set to fit AC091 $203AUD AC293 Dew shield flexible ETX 105 $54AUD AC295 ULTRA Deluxe afocal camera support (see AC326 & AC327 for extra rings)$220AUD AC296 Alignmate level & compass eyepiece $91AUD AC297 Jack splitter for anti-dewing controller output $35AUD AC298 Dual channel anti-dewing heater controller 12V DC $334AUD AC299 Dew shield solid for 8" SCT $376AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC301 Dew shield solid for 10" SCT $437AUD AC302 Dew shield solid for 12" SCT $553AUD AC303 2" to 1.25" eyepiece adaptor with 2" filter holder thread $88AUD AC304 Visual back 2" thread adaptor (put SCT accessory into any 2" EP holder) $88AUD AC305 Combi T mount camera and EP adaptor for 2" $118AUD AC306 Combi T mount camera and EP adaptor for ETX $118AUD AC307 SCT visual back 2" barrel adaptor (to attach st+B145andard 2" accessories on SCT)$109AUD AC308 Dew shield flexible for Telrad reflex sight $44AUD AC309 Auxilliary cigar lighter socket with crocodile clips $38AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC310 Classic 27mm Reticule cross-hair eyepiece $145AUD AC312 ETX to SCT thread adaptor (LAR) to fit SCT accessories to ETX scopes $103AUD AC317 AC power supply unit for all 12V ETX and LX $139AUD AC319 Cigar lighter socket splitter (converts one socket to two) $44AUD AC322 Tri-Wedge Micro for ETX70 & 90 $547AUD AC323 Handset holder for all Autostars (ETX, LX90,LXD55 & LX200GPS) $85AUD AC325 Basic 1.25" nosepiece and combined eyepiece projection camera adaptor $143AUD AC326 Ultra Deluxe 45mm ring set (see AC295) $88AUD AC327 Ultra Deluxe 55mm ring set (see AC295) $88AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC328 LX90 fit deluxe locator and EP tray $118AUD AC329 Deluxe locator plate for all LX200 $203AUD AC330 T-mount 50mm extension tube (male to female) $83AUD AC335 Adaptor .965 eyep. to 1.25 fit EP holder $79AUD AC336 Adaptor 1.25 eyep to .956 fit EP holder $79AUD AC337 AC/DC power kit for ETX70 & 90 and other small 6,9, & 12VDC scopes$103AUD AC338 Portable Astro Power Station $CALL AC339 Portable Astro Power Station cable for 9V ETX60/70AT & DS $CALL AC340 12V DC power cable 7.5m to fit ETX & all LX (replaces #607) $88AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC341 Anti-power out - right angle DC cable LX200GPS $41AUD AC342 230V AC to 12V DC heavy duty PSU with cigar lighter socket output $221AUD AC343 Flexi Mate flexible extension focus knob for ETX 60/70AT $96AUD AC344 Flexi Mate flexible extension focus knob for ETX 90 & 105 $96AUD AC345 Flexi Mate flexible extension focus knob for ETX125 $96AUD AC346 Star-Raker parallel motion binocular mount $728AUD AC347 Binocular clamp small 13mm $88AUD AC348 Binocular clamp for 9x63 Meade & Bresser $88AUD AC349 Binocular clamp standard 18mm $88AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC350 Anti-dewing heater tape 130mm  to fit 1.25" eyepieces etc $97AUD AC351 Anti-dewing heater tape 220mm to fit VF scopes and 2" eyepieces $123AUD AC352 Anti-dewing heater tape 350mm to fit 3" scopes - ETX70 and ETX90 $118AUD AC353 Anti-dewing heater tape 400mm to fit 4" scopes - ETX105 etc $145AUD AC354 Anti-dewing heater tape 530mm to fit 5" to 6" scopes - ETX125 etc $160AUD AC355 Anti-dewing heater tape 735mm to fit 7" and 8" scopes - LX90, LX200 $175AUD AC356 Anti-dewing heater tape 930mm to fit 10" scopes - LX50, LX200 etc $190AUD AC357 Anti-dewing heater tape 1095mm to fit 11" to 12" scopes - LX200 etc $221AUD AC358 Anti-dewing heater tape 1270mm to fit 14" scopes - LX200 etc $288AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC359 Anti-dewing heater controller - standard model 12V DC $261AUD AC360 Portable Heavy Duty Power Station 18Ah (discontinued see AC499) $175AUD AC361 Anti-dewing heater tape 1400mm to fit 16" to 17.5" scopes - LX200 etc $334AUD AC362 Anti-dewing heater pad for Sky-Mirror binocular mounting $349AUD AC363 Binocular clamp heavy duty 30mm $88AUD AC364 Binocular clamp 30mm horizontal fitting $103AUD AC365 Tripod with pillar for Star-Raker $623AUD AC366 Tripod Deluxe wooden for Star-Raker $CALL AC367 Coiled cable - power lead 1.2m for 12V ETX & LX $46AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC368 Anti-dewing kit - for ETX-105 and most 4" telescopes $236AUD AC369 Anti-dewing kit - for ETX-70 & 90 and most 3" telescopes $221AUD AC370 Titan field pier for LXD55 SNT $893AUD AC377 Anti-dewing Mini heater controller 12V DC $160AUD AC378 Webcam thread to 1.25in EP holder in Delrin inc. fiter thread $90AUD AC379 Anti-dewing 1m extension cable for all heater tapes $46AUD AC380 Eclipse PC glare and dew shield for laptop PC $160AUD AC381 Soft eyeshield to fit EP of less than 50mm diameter $88AUD AC382 Soft eyeshield fit EP of over 50mm diameter $103AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC383 DC to AC power inverter - 12/13.8V to 230V AC $204AUD AC384 Nite-Phaser LED torch (this model discontinued see AC529) $CALL AC385 Parfocalising rings for 1.25" eyepieces (set of 4) see AC576 for single ring $70AUD AC386 Bulkhead eyepiece shelf (for Dobbos and Obbos) $66AUD AC387 Tripod Pylon - all steel - for all ETX telescopes $547AUD AC388 Tripod Pylon - all steel for Star-Raker $547AUD AC389 Owl's Nest altazimuth mounting barrel for all LX scopes $190AUD AC390 LX90 base adaptor plate for wedges $175AUD AC391 Observatory pier custom made to requirement $CALL Astro-Engineering Web site
AC392 Spare bolts (3x 3/8" socket caps) for LX200 base to wedge fitting $39AUD AC393 Piggyback camera support for ETX 105 $141AUD AC394 Utility tray for Std & Cust pier $205AUD AC395 PicoStar LED and fibre-optic artificial star collimation aid $357AUD AC396 Eyepiece tray - for Under wedge $160AUD AC397 Eyepiece tray - for Top of wedge $118AUD AC398 Dew Blaster heat gun 12V DC inc. cigar lighter socket & crocodile clips $103AUD AC399 Scope Sleeper dongle $109AUD AC400 MegaWedge-Pro for LX $1942AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC410 Joystick for CCD & webcam imaging $334AUD AC411 Universal tiltable piggyback camera bracket (for most tube rings) $145AUD AC412 Webcam eyepiece projection coupler $108AUD AC413 Red Alert 9V LED signals set of 3 inc. batteries $94AUD AC414 Long reach webcam adapter 1.25" nosepiece $90AUD AC415 Sky-Mirror binocular mount (basic) $929AUD AC416 Pylon all steel tripod for Sky-Mirror $1079AUD AC417 Azimuth turntable for Sky-Mirror $196AUD AC419 C/CS-Mount thread (CCTV camera) to 1.25 nosepiece in Delrin $90AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC420 Cable 30m RS232 for LX200 $125AUD AC421 Pier Pro-Pier for Megawedge-Pro (see AC400) $1824AUD AC422 Eyepiece & equipment carry case (medium) $118AUD AC423 Sky-Mirror Deluxe binocular mounting (see AC415 for basic model) $1228AUD AC424 5m pc connection cable for 497 Autostar $67AUD AC425 ETX-Max kit for ETX-70AT $273AUD AC426 ETX-Max kit for ETX-90 & 105 $273AUD AC427 ETX-Max kit for ETX-125 $273AUD AC428 Pentax 2" eyepiece holder (adaptor) $221AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC429 GigaPier for Giga-Wedge (see AC430) $2644AUD AC430 Giga-Wedge for 16" LX200 (Classic and GPS) $7454AUD AC431 CCD Auto-Guider port splitter $61AUD AC432 Dew shield rigid for 6" LXD55 $193AUD AC433 Dew shield rigid 8" SNT LXD55 $261AUD AC434 Dew shield rigid 10" SNT LXD55 $285AUD AC435 PC connection cable 5m LX200 $70AUD AC436 Dew shield rigid 8" SCT LXD55 $261AUD AC437 5m power cable inc AC309  for all 12V LX and ETX models $85AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC438 Dew shield flexible  6" LXD55 SNT $79AUD AC439 Dew shield flexible 8" LXD55 SNT $88AUD AC440 Low latitude spacer for Giga-Wedge $88AUD AC441 Rail dual LX mount system 8" $537AUD AC442 Rail dual LX mount system 10" & 7" $310AUD AC443 Rail dual LX mount system 12" $310AUD AC444 Rail dual LX mount system 14" $397AUD AC445 Rail dual LX mount system 16" $389AUD AC447 Fastener upgrade kit for 7" & 8" LX200GPS $103AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC448 Fastener upgrade kit for 7" & 8" LX200 Classic $88AUD AC449 Fastener upgrade kit for LX90 $70AUD AC450 Fastener upgrade kit for 10" LX200GPS $109AUD AC451 Fastener upgrade kit for 10" LX200 Classic $88AUD AC452 Fastener upgrade kit for 12" LX200GPS $103AUD AC453 Fastener upgrade kit for 12" LX200 Classic $88AUD AC454 Dew shield rigid 16" LX200/GPS (full size) $896AUD AC455 Dew shield rigid 14" - LX200GPS $623AUD AC456 Mirror lock & stabiliser for LX200 Classic 10" 12" 16" $70AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC457 Basic T-mount to 1.25" camera adaptor (with filter thread) $88AUD AC458 Eyepiece dust plugs 1.25" EP holder fit (pack 2)  $36AUD AC459 Eyepiece dust plugs 2" EP holder fit  (pack 2) $38AUD AC460 Philips TouCam Pro II & adaptor nosepiece kit $165AUD AC462 Pier marry plate for AC430 Giga-Wedge $728AUD AC463 C/CS thread to 1.25" nosepiece in aluminium (see AC419) $112AUD AC464 Webcam thread to 1.25" nosepiece in aluminium (see AC378) $112AUD AC465 ETX Solar Finder to fit all Meade ETX finders $93AUD AC466 LX Solar Finder to fit all Meade and other 50mm finders $109AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC467 50mm Meade finder upgrade Standard version $280AUD AC468 Dew shield rigid to fit Celestron 14" (black) $623AUD AC469 Night Vision Torch - Red LED includes batteries $46AUD AC470 Blackout observing hood $93AUD AC471 Temperature regulating anti-dewing heater controller 12V DC $1358AUD AC478 Ultra low-profile SCT visual back 2" barrel adaptor (shorter than AC307) $103AUD AC479 Micro Star-Drive portable German equatorial mount inc. carry case $623AUD AC480 Canon EOS T mount ring $57AUD AC481 Canon FD T mount ring $78AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC482 Minolta XD T mount ring $66AUD AC483 Minolta 7000-800 T mount ring $57AUD AC484 Nikon AI T mount ring $64AUD AC485 Olympus OM T mount ring $68AUD AC486 Pentax K T mount ring $64AUD AC487 Pentax M42 screw thread T mount ring $49AUD AC488 Yashica Contax - 700 T mount ring $57AUD AC489 Yashica Contax - AF T mount ring $61AUD AC490 Pentax AF T mount ring $61AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC491 Leicaflex R3 T mount ring $67AUD AC492 Practica B200 T mount ring $59AUD AC493 2" T mount camera adaptor nosepiece $118AUD AC494 Universal binocular mount (boot style!) $64AUD AC495 Glo torch Red LED inc. batteries (glows in the dark without batteries) $51AUD AC496 Basic telescope cleaning kit $38AUD AC497 Major telescope cleaning kit $60AUD AC498 Magic Lens Pen - large $46AUD AC499 Heavy Duty Power Station (Black) 17.5Ah 12V DC $184AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC500 GPS-Mate global positioning satellite data acquisition for GOTO scopes $747AUD AC501 Alignmate-Pro electronic alignment aid and dual LED torch $CALL AC502 LXD55 replacement solid dovetail plate (for SNTs) $221AUD AC503 5" asymmetric rings to fit 7" MC & 8" SCT LX $376AUD AC504 5" general purpose rings for flat plates $376AUD AC505 5" mounting rings for 12" LX $376AUD AC506 5" mounting rings for 10" LX $376AUD AC507 7" mounting rings for 10" LX $CALL AC508 7" mounting rings for 12" LX $471AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC509 Heavy Duty camera mounting platform system for parallel rails $334AUD AC510 Losmandy G8 type universal 14" dovetail plate $236AUD AC511 Losmandy G11 type universal 14" dovetail plates $273AUD AC512 9" mounting rings twin rail mount (eg 6" TEC fit) $440AUD AC513 Aluminium knob for ETX 70AT tripod attachment (x2) $42AUD AC514 3D rail counterbalance system for 14" LX200GPS and OTA $440AUD AC515 Micro focuser add-on knob for all Meade LX SCT $93AUD AC516 Micro-focus controller handbox $221AUD AC517 1.7m extension lead for Micro-focus controller AC516 $39AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC518 T-mount male to T-mount male adaptor (converts female T-thread to male) $70AUD AC519 4X ImageMate Image amplifier (for 1.25" cameras and eyepieces) $115AUD AC520 DigimaxT 40 40mm Plössl eyepiece $440AUD AC521 Adap-T N1 for Nikon T adaptor $64AUD AC522 Adap-T N2 for Nikon T adaptor (extending barrel) $149AUD AC523 Adap-T N3 for Nikon T adaptor $149AUD AC524 Adap-T O1 for Olympus T adaptor $118AUD AC525 Adap-T N4 For Nikon T adaptor $118AUD AC526 Adap-T S1 For Sony T adaptor $79AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC527 Adap-T ST46  T to 46mm adaptor ring $79AUD AC528 Meade maintenance and cleaning kit for all ETX and LX telescopes $60AUD AC529 Night-Phaser Deluxe micro-computer controlled LED torch $221AUD AC530 Adap-T eyepiece adaptor ring $35AUD AC531 Adap-T F1 Fuji T Adaptor $145AUD AC532 Observing chair (black) all steel $304AUD AC533 Handset Holder for Meade LX200 Classic $88AUD AC534 Nite-Saver red goggles $78AUD AC535 BK7 1.25" glass coverslip filter for webcams and other cameras $61AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC536 T-thread to webcam lens thread adaptor $78AUD AC537 30 to 28mm step ring for Sony (needs AC521) $39AUD AC538 30.5 to 28mm step ring for Canon (needs AC521) $39AUD AC539 Dew shield rigid for 16" LX200 (half-size for observatory use) $866AUD AC540 Deluxe piggyback bracket 12" $273AUD AC541 Deluxe piggyback bracket 14" $304AUD AC542 Deluxe piggyback bracket 16" $304AUD AC543 1.25" eyepiece holder extension tube 43mm (1.75") lift $62AUD AC544 Easy-Aim red dot reflex finder $103AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC545 10m LX200GPS/Classic handset extension cable $78AUD AC546 Losmandy Gemini cable for GPS-Mate $CALL AC547 30mm combined nosepiece for DigimaxT 40 (see AC520) $88AUD AC548 23mm nosepiece for DigimaxT 40 (see AC520) $87AUD AC549 Bino-Mate 1.25" binocular viewing head (eyepieces not included) $636AUD AC550 Adap-T ST30  T to 30mm adaptor kit $88AUD AC551 Adap-T ST305  T to 30.5mm adaptor kit $88AUD AC552 Adap-T ST37  T to 37mm adaptor kit $88AUD AC553 Adap-T ST405  T to 40.5mm adaptor kit $88AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC554 Adap-T ST43  T to 43mm adaptor kit $88AUD AC555 Magni-Max 1.6x thread-on supplementary lens $97AUD AC556 Adap-T ST49  T to 49mm adaptor kit $88AUD AC557 Adap-T ST52  T to 52mm adaptor kit $88AUD AC558 Adap-T ST55  T to 55mm adaptor kit $88AUD AC559 Adap-T ST58  T to 58mm adaptor kit $88AUD AC560 Adap-T ST62  T to 62mm adaptor kit $88AUD AC563 Replacement dew shield for 6" Meade LXD55 refractor $227AUD AC564 Replacement dew shield for 5" Meade LXD55 refractor $227AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC565 Star-Cam V3 deep-sky CCTV imaging camera $CALL AC566 Deluxe Optical Cleaning Kit inc CO2 Gas Blower (see AC581 for refill pack) $168AUD AC567 AC to 9V DC Power Supply for Meade ETX70 (PSU only) $61AUD AC568 Laser-Dream Deluxe laser collimater for Newtonian scopes $215AUD AC569 Deluxe SCT thread-on rear cell dust cap $70AUD AC570 Star-Chaser AG70 70x700 refractor telescope $676AUD AC572 Deluxe SCT  low profile T-thread camera adaptor $118AUD AC573 2" Parfocalising rings (see AC576 for 2" version) $38AUD AC574 1.25" Variable polarising filter (see AC583 for 2" version) $117AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC575 Max-Refractor replacement focusor knobs $105AUD AC576 1.25" Parfocalising rings (See AC573 for 2" version and AC385 for set x4)$36AUD AC577 Deluxe T-thread to webcam lens thread adaptor inc filter holder $118AUD AC578 Compact 12V 10Ah rechargeable battery power station $160AUD AC579 50mm Meade finder upgrade Corrected version $334AUD AC580 Alignmate-Lite compass and bubble level alignment aid (see AC296) $61AUD AC581 CO2 Cartridge refill pack for AC566 (3x cartridges) $39AUD AC582 1.25" IR blocking filter $103AUD AC583 2" Variable polarising filter (see AC574 for 1.25" version) $145AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC584 2" Neutral density filter (for Lunar and double star observing) $67AUD AC585 Scope-Guard polarity corrector for all 12V Meade telescopes $98AUD AC586 1.25" Neutral density filter (for Lunar and double star observation)  $57AUD AC606 Scope-Coat custom telescope cover to fit 5",6" and 7" refractor on GEM $160AUD AC607 Ultra-T afocal camera support (as PH047 but with additional T-thread fitting)$160AUD AC608 Scope-Coat custom telescope cover to fit 7",8" and 9" SCT $160AUD AC612 Scope-Coat custom telescope cover to fit 10",11" and 12" SCT $175AUD AC614 Scope-Coat custom telescope cover to fit 14" SCT $190AUD AC616 Scope-Coat custom telescope cover to fit 16" SCT $221AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
AC618 Universal Solar Finder fits all scopes $88AUD AC619 Eye-Pod waist fitting eyepiece action-case inc mini LED torch $88AUD AC620 Soft Eyepiece and Equipment case inc mini LED torch $118AUD ETXBOOK The ETX Telescope Guide 2nd ed. A comprehensive user guide by Lilian Hobbs$87AUD FI092 Solar filter for ETX-70AT $196AUD FI093 Solar filter for ETX-90 $233AUD FI094 Solar filter for ETX-105 $304AUD FI095 Solar filter for ETX-125 $379AUD FI096 Focus-Master 8" & 7" $267AUD Astro-Engineering Web site
FI097 Focus-Master 10" $304AUD FI098 Focus-Master 12" $334AUD FI099 Focus Master 14" $379AUD FI102 Adaptor for FI092 to fit TeleVue Pronto $116AUD PH024 Tiltable piggyback mount 10" LX SCT $175AUD PH025 Tiltable piggyback mount 12" LX SCT $175AUD PH026 Tiltable piggyback mount 7" MC and 8" SCT LX $175AUD PH047 ULTRA afocal digital camera support (see AC295 and AC607) $103AUD Astro-Engineering Web site



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