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Astro Hutech and Borg feature premium astronomical equipment and accessories for everyone interested in visual astronomy and astrophotography. We are confident you will find the solutions to all your astronomy needs here. Astro Hutech are also the producers of Borg Telescopes.

"Equipment for the Serious Amateur Astronomer"

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Hutech Filters Hutech Hutech Nebula Filter



UPDATED 23rd August 2013










IDAS LRGB Reflection Suppression Filter Set RS-31 LRGB Set(3100 unmounted) for QSI 500 Series $680AUD RS50R LRGB Set(50mm round unmounted) $1325AUD IDAS Filter Sets for Tri/Quad-color Imaging(BGR+L+clear filters) BGR4-52 Type 4 LRGBC filter set, 49mm unmounted $548AUD IDAS Nebula Filters LPS-V3-28.6 Nebula filter - 28.6mm Limited Stock $167AUD LPS-V4-28.6 New Nebula filter - 28.6mm $217AUD LPS-V4-48 New Nebula filter - 48mm $225AUD LPS-V4-52 New Nebula filter - 52mm $225AUD LPS-V4-48SCT SCT filter adapter w/48mmNebula filter $328AUD IDAS Passband Modifier Filters (use with NBN filter, Lumicon UHC, or equivalent filters) PBMO-28.6 OIII Passband Modifier filter (1-1/4'') $48AUD HUTECH BORG ASTRO PRODUCTS WEBSITE IDAS Light Pollution Suppression (LPS) Filters LPS-P2-28.6 28.6mm (1-1/4'' eyepiece) LPS filter (formerly part #LPS-P31.7) $205AUD LPS-P2-48 48mm (2'' eyepiece) LPS filter $290AUD LPS-P2-52 52mm LPS filter $290AUD LPS-P2-55 55mm LPS filter $278AUD LPS-P2-72 72mm LPS filter $340AUD LPS-P2-77 77mm LPS filter $361AUD LPS-P2-82 82mm LPS filter $382AUD LPS-P2-48SCT SCT filter adapter w/48mm LPS filter $304AUD LPS-P2-72AP AP filter holder w/72mm LPS filter $449AUD IDAS RGB Filter Sets for Medium Format Film Imaging RGB-82 82mm RGB filter set $255AUD IDAS UV/IR Blocking Filters UIBAR-28.6 28.6mm UV/IR blocking filter $194AUD UIBAR-48 48mmm UV/IR blocking filter $205AUD UIBAR-52 52mm UV/IR blocking filter $205AUD HUTECH BORG ASTRO PRODUCTS WEBSITE IDAS Mars Filter BE410 Mars Filter (1.25") $417AUD IDAS Venus Filter VW-1 Venus Filter (1.25") $481AUD IDAS Methane Filter BPF Methane Filter for Jupiter and Saturn (1.25") $417AUD Body-mounted Filters for Hutech/Canon Rebel (300D), Rebel XT (350D), XTi (400D), XSi (450D), XS(1000D), T1i(500D), 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D and 7D MFA Filter Holder Ring $83AUD UIBAR-37 UV/IR Blocking Filter (to be used with MFA) $194AUD LPS-P2-37 Light Pollution Suppression Filter (to be used with MFA) $194AUD LPS-V4-37 Nebula Filter II (to be used with MFA) $205AUD VLC-37 Daylight Filter (to be used with MFA) $217AUD Front Filters for Hutech/Canon 40D/50D/7D IR72-FF1 Infrared Filter (720nm) for 40D/50D & 7D $237AUD IR72-FF Infrared Filter (720nm) for 300D/400D/500D etc. $237AUD Front Filters for Nikon Cameras - D40, D40x, D80, D90 and D5000 UIBAR-FF-N1 UV/IR Blocking Filter $304AUD LPS-P2-N1 Light Pollution Suppression Filter $304AUD LPS-V3-FF-N1 Nebula Filter $304AUD VLC-FF-N1 Daylight Filter $271AUD IR72-FF-N1 Infrared Filter (720nm) $293AUD DP-FF-N1 Dust Protector (Clear multicoated) $195AUD Kenko R-1(R-60) & R-64 Deep Red Photographic ''H-Alpha'' Filters (not for solar use) R1-82 82mm Kenko R-1(R-60) $85AUD R64-67 67 mm Kenko R-64 $66AUD R64-72 72 mm Kenko R-64 $71AUD R64-77 77 mm Kenko R-64 $78AUD Kenko Pro Soften-A(W) Filter (Constellation Filter) PST-77 77mm Kenko Pro Soften-A(W) $128AUD Lens-mounted Filters for Hutech Enhanced Cameras VLC-52 Daylight Filter - 52mm $251AUD VLC-58 Daylight Filter - 58mm $251AUD VLC-67 Daylight Filter - 67mm $258AUD VLC-77 Daylight Filter - 77mm $287AUD Lens-mounted Filters for Scientific Imaging VLC-Pro VIS Filter - 52mm (Visible band) $251AUD U-52 UV Filter - 52mm (30nm to 380nm bandpass) $364AUD HUTECH BORG ASTRO PRODUCTS WEBSITE HuTECH 1.25" Fully Multi-Coated ABBE ORTHOSCOPICS OR04H Ortho 4mm FMC $178AUD OR05H Ortho 5mm FMC $165AUD OR06H Ortho 6mm FMC $150AUD OR07H Ortho 7mm FMC $150AUD OR09H Ortho 9mm FMC $150AUD OR125H Ortho 12.5mm FMC $150AUD OR18H Ortho 18mm FMC $161AUD OR25H Ortho 25mm FMC $163AUD


BORG COMPONENTS INFORMATION 00370 6x30 Finder & Bracket $78AUD 00510 50Ach SW Fork Mount Set $799AUD 01470 45EDII SW Fork Mount Set $999AUD 02610 60ED SW Fork Mount Set $1,266AUD 02710 71FL SW Fork Mount Set $1,776AUD 20362 Series 45 Objective Lens Hood (white) $34AUD 20363 Series 45 Objective Lens Hood (black) $40AUD 20460 Mini 45EDII Objective Assembly $372AUD 20500 Mini 50 Objective Assembly $136AUD 20880 89ED Hood only (white) $132AUD 20890 89ED Hood only (black) $193AUD 21780 77EDII Objective Assembly $865AUD 22600 Mini 60ED Objective Assembly $599AUD 25510 50FL Fluorite Objective Assembly $665AUD 25710 71FL Fluorite Objective Assembly $1,132AUD 25880 89ED Objective Assembly (white) $1,509AUD 25890 89ED Objective Assembly (black) $1,576AUD 30350 Wedge plate II 35-degree $92AUD 31010 Fork Mount $329AUD 31050 Camera Mount Adapter $40AUD 31610 Fork Mount Plate N $78AUD BORG COMPONENTS INFORMATION 43170 Helical Focuser S -1.25" (rotating) $66AUD 44980 M42P1 to M49.8 AD DX $66AUD 45100 M42 Extension Tube SS 10mm (white) $29AUD 45110 M42 Extension Tube SS 10mm (black) $33AUD 45200 M42 Rotator & Mounting Bracket $113AUD 45300 M42 Extension Tube S 30mm (white) $33AUD 45310 M42 Extension Tube S 30mm (black) $37AUD 45420 M42P0.75 to M42P1 ADII $40AUD 45510 M42 Extension Tube M 50mm (black) $40AUD 45650 M42 Drawtube (white) $119AUD 45660 M42 Drawtube (black) $132AUD 45700 M42 Extension Tube L 70mm (white) $46AUD 45710 M42 Extension Tube L 70mm (black) $53AUD 46030 2.3x Compact Barlow Lens $78AUD 46040 Extension Tube (28mm long) $23AUD 46050 31.7 - 24.5 AD $23AUD 46110 Extension Tube $7AUD BORG COMPONENTS INFORMATION 50020 Camera Mount, Pentax K $40AUD 50030 Camera Mount, Nikon $40AUD 50040 Camera Mount, Canon FD $40AUD 50050 Camera Mount, Canon EOS $40AUD 50060 Camera Mount, Minolta MD $40AUD 50070 Camera Mount, Sony alpha $40AUD 50080 Camera Mount, Olympus $40AUD 50090 Camera Mount, Yashica & Contax $40AUD 50100 Four Thirds Mount $52AUD 50110 Micro Four Thirds Mount $52AUD 50130 Sony NEX Mount $66AUD 50140 Pentax Q Mount $66AUD 50150 Nikon N1 Mount $66AUD 50160 Fuji X Mount $66AUD 50170 Canon EOS-M Mount $92AUD 55040 Takahashi Mount Screw Set $13AUD 55560 Camera Accessory Clamp $92AUD 56020 Objective Rear Cap $7AUD 56760 76/77 Objective Front Cap $7AUD BORG COMPONENTS INFORMATION 60000 80mm Dia. Tube Set $452AUD 60250 Pocket BORG $178AUD 60360 36ED Basic Set (white) $398AUD 60370 36ED Basic Set (black) $425AUD 60450 Mini Borg 45EDII $465AUD 60710 71FL Mini Borg Basic Set $1,402AUD 61500 MiniBorg 50 $265AUD 61600 Mini Borg Drawtube $193AUD 61710 71FL Series 80 Basic Set $1,402AUD 61730 Black BORG 71FL $2,109AUD 61830 Black BORG 77ED $1,843AUD 61880 89ED OTA (white) $1,776AUD 61890 89ED Black BORG $2,510AUD 62450 45EDII Mini Borg Telephoto Set w/7214 (1.4x teleconverter) $799AUD 62500 50FL Mini Borg BasicSet $932AUD 62510 50FL Mini Borg Telephoto Set w/7214 (1.4x teleconverter) $1,132AUD 62600 Mini Borg 60ED $732AUD 62650 60ED Mini Borg Telephoto Set w/7214 (1.4x teleconverter) $1,066AUD 62710 71FL Mini Borg Telephoto Set w/7214 (1.4x teleconverter) $1,509AUD 62720 71FL Mini Borg Astro Visual Set $1,466AUD 62780 77EDII OTA $1,132AUD BORG COMPONENTS INFORMATION 70000 SLR Camera Mount Adapter $40AUD 70250 80 Dia. 25mm Tube (white) $46AUD 70260 80 Dia, 25mm Tube (black) $52AUD 70500 80 Dia. 50mm Tube (white) $52AUD 70510 80 Dia. 50mm tube (black) $57AUD 70570 Iris M57 (ID 5mm to 47mm) $387AUD 70600 Tube Band for Mini Borgs and guide scopes $101AUD 70610 Mini Borg Tube Band (Piece) $54AUD 70750 Iris M75 (ID 10mm to 70mm) $517AUD 70830 Tube Band MDX for 77EDII & 101ED $133AUD 71010 80 Dia. 100mm tube (black) $71AUD 71080 1.08x DG Multi Flattener $517AUD 71300 Front Helical Focuser Adapter Set $113AUD 71350 Tube (135mm long) and Drawtube Set for 77EDII and 101ED $115AUD 71360 80 Dia. 135mm Tube $66AUD 71370 Drawtube for 7136 & 7150 $55AUD 71380 80 Dia. 135mm Tube (black) $78AUD 71500 80 Dia. 150mm Tube (No drawtube included) $66AUD 71510 80 Dia. 150mm Tube (black) $78AUD 71570 EOS to M57 AD $172AUD 71580 Nikon to M57 AD $172AUD 71590 Pentax K to M57 AD $172AUD 71630 Nikon Spotting Scope to M57 AD $35AUD 72050 M57 Drawtube $78AUD 72140 DG 1.4X Teleconverter $387AUD 72150 DG 1.4X Teleconverter DX $517AUD BORG COMPONENTS INFORMATION 73001 M75 to M77.6 AD $21AUD 73002 M77.6 to M75 AD $21AUD 73140 31.7mm Eyepiece Holder SS $33AUD 73150 Helical Focuser S - 1.25" (non-rotating) $133AUD 73160 31.7mm (1.25") to M36.4 Adapter $33AUD 73170 31.7mm Eyepiece Holder $33AUD 73520 M57 Rotating Ring DX $133AUD 73560 1-1/4" to M57/60 Adapter $52AUD 73570 M57 Metal Cap $33AUD 73580 Desiccant Holder $33AUD 73600 M43P0.75(Takahashi) to M57 AD $40AUD 73610 M36.4P1 Cap $27AUD 73620 M36.4 to M57/60 AD $40AUD 73960 2" to 1 1/4" ADII $54AUD 73970 2" to 1 1/4" AD $52AUD 74010 M57 to M28 AD $33AUD 74020 M57 to M30 AD $33AUD 74030 M57 to M37 AD $33AUD 74040 M57 to M43 AD $33AUD 74050 M57 to M52 AD $33AUD 74060 M57 to M55 AD $33AUD 74070 M57 to M58 AD $33AUD 74080 M57 to M49 AD $33AUD 74090 M57 to M30.5 AD $33AUD 74100 SD-1X, 1 1/4" Eyepiece Projection Adapter $133AUD 74101 SD-1X(A) $54AUD 74102 SD-1X(B) $92AUD BORG COMPONENTS INFORMATION 74140 SD-1X(D) $92AUD 74230 M42P0.75 to M36.4/42P0.75 AD $40AUD 74240 SCT to M57/60 Adapter $52AUD 74250 2" Nosepiece-to-M57 Adapter $52AUD 74280 SCT to Helical Focuser M/T Adapter - (Adapter for 7835, 7837 & FTF) $52AUD 74300 43mm P0.75 Ring $40AUD 74570 M57 to M57 AD $40AUD 74580 M57 to M57 ADII $40AUD 74590 M57 to M57 ADIII $52AUD 74600 M60 to M60 AD $40AUD 75000 M6 Cap Screw $5AUD 75010 2" Eyepiece Holder SSII $40AUD 75020 M57 to 2" Male Adapter $52AUD 75040 2" Eyepiece Holder SII $52AUD 75050 2" Eyepiece Holder M $52AUD 75060 2" Eyepiece Holder SS $40AUD 75070 M68.8 to M57 Adapter $52AUD 75080 2" Eyepiece Holder S $46AUD 75090 2" Eyepiece Holder L $58AUD 75100 M60 to M57 Adapter $40AUD 75110 1 1/4" to C Mount Adapter $52AUD 75130 Mini Borg Double Mounting Tube $66AUD BORG COMPONENTS INFORMATION 75170 DZ-2, M57 Tube with Mounting Bracket $106AUD 75180 52mm/48mm Additional Filter Holder $52AUD 75190 52mm/48mm Filter Box $106AUD 75220 M57 to M36.4 /M42p0.75 T-thread Adapter $40AUD 75230 M57 to M42P1 AD $40AUD 75240 M42 to M57/60 AD $40AUD 75250 M42 to M36.4/42 AD $40AUD 75260 M42 to C Mount AD $40AUD 75270 C Mount to M42 AD $40AUD 75280 M42 P 0.75 to M57 AD $40AUD 76010 M57/60 Extension Tube SS (12mm long) $38AUD 76020 M57/60 Extension Tube S (20mm long) $40AUD 76030 M57/60 Extension Tube M (40mm long) $46AUD 76040 M57/60 Extension Tube L (60mm long) $52AUD 76080 Mini Borg Tube 36mm long $52AUD 76090 Mini Borg Tube 56mm long $54AUD 76100 Mini Borg Tube 76mm long $58AUD 76150 Mini Borg Tube 153mm long $78AUD 76800 M57 to M75 AD $52AUD 77040 F4 ED Super Reducer Set including Filter Box, Camera Rotator and Spacer Rings $1,470AUD 77490 Draw Tube Holder & Drawtube $113AUD 77550 Dovetail Base for 7756 and Vixen Red-dot Finder $33AUD 77570 M57 Helical Focuser S - M57 Low-profile $258AUD 77580 M57 Helical Focuser DX - Low-profile $323AUD BORG COMPONENTS INFORMATION 78000 80mm Dia. 205mm Tube $78AUD 78010 M77.6 to M68.6 AD $52AUD 78030 80mm Dia. 205mm Tube (black) $85AUD 78350 Helical Focuser M - M68.8 $258AUD 78390 M42P0.75(T-thread) Helical Focuser $159AUD 78400 M42 Helical Focuser S - M42P1 S $147AUD 78410 M42 Helical Focuser L - M42P1 L $170AUD 78420 M42 Helical Focuser - M42P1 M $159AUD 78430 M42P1 to M49.8 AD $52AUD 78440 M42P1 to M39 AD $52AUD 78520 M42P1 to M39 AD II $40AUD 78550 M42P0.75 to M42P1 AD $40AUD 78560 M42P1 to M42P0.75 AD $40AUD 78570 M57 Helical Focuser - M57 M $199AUD 78580 M42 Extension Tube SSS $40AUD 78600 M57 Helical Focuser DX LII $309AUD 78700 0.7x Triplet Multi Super Reducer with camera rotator $712AUD 78850 DG 0.85X Focal Reducer for Mini Borgs $329AUD BORG COMPONENTS INFORMATION 79010 M60 to M57/60 Adapter for Vixen ED/FL $52AUD 79100 M47 to M57/60 Adapter for Tak FC50/60 $52AUD 79110 M56 to M57/60 Adapter for Tak FC76/78 $52AUD 79120 M72 to M57/60 Adapter for Tak FS102, FS128, FSQ, BRC & FRC $66AUD 79140 Orion ED Adapter (M56 to M57/60 AD) $92AUD 79200 M49.8 to M57 AD $40AUD 79210 M49.8 Extension Tube S (8.2mm long) $44AUD 79220 M49.8 Extension Tube M (21.5mm long) $52AUD 79230 M57 to M49.8 AD SS (Zero extra light path) $40AUD 81670 Medium Format Helical Focuser (M89) $440AUD 82950 115 Dia. 295mm Tube for 125SD $331AUD 83180 Drawtube Holder N $258AUD 83600 115 Dia. 360mm Tube $371AUD 87510 115 Tube Finder Base N $165AUD 90000 Black BORG Main Unit $1,231AUD 91250 125SD OTA Basic Set $6,164AUD 9125S 125SD OTA Basic Set (Short Tube Version) $6,164AUD BORG COMPONENTS INFORMATION




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