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The StellaCam III has a very simple-to-use wireless controller option that gives the user complete automatic exposure control for up to 90 minutes! - including a 1 second resolution for exposures up to 5 minutes long! This ability allows the StellaCam III to go much deeper than is possible with the Mallincam (2 min max) - plus it allows you to "fine tune" the exposure time to match your Mounts capability. The Wireless Controller also provides complete computer control of the camera via a standard RS232 port (or USB port with adapter).

Because it is monochrome, the Camera receives three times higher resolution - plus you can shoot through narrow band filters, like Ha or OIII with much better results than the Mallincam. The StellaCam III provides a true linear image output, not a DSP processed output like the Mallincam provides - which falsely enhances the image and introduces artifacts. The StellaCam III is also not plagued with the excessive amp-glow problem that the Mallincam exhibits for long exposures. The Cooled StellaCam III has a much more effective "deep" cooling system based on a computer controller with real temperature feedback from the CCD to accurately regulate the CCD temperature - not a motion detection triggered "mild" cooler like the VSS that only activates the cooler when thermal noise is detected. And if you want colour images from the StellaCam III, you can still shoot through RGB filters to achieve very nice colour images with three times higher resolution than the Colour Mallincam. The StellaCam III is also much smaller and lighter weight than the Mallincam, with a Wireless Controller option (not available with the VSS - or any of their cameras really).

We do plan on advancing the astro-video technology with future developments.

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StellaCam III

StellaCam II M57 Intergrated Image StellaCam II Galaxy M31 Image

STELLACAM-3	Astrovid - StellaCam3 (CCIR) MONOCHROME CCD Video Integrating Imaging System 


 and see more than you ever imagined possible! 

Experience The CosmoLogic Systems StellaCam3 

1. Faint Fuzzies are history! 
2. See Far Deeper, Clearer, and Cleaner with the StellaCam 3 
3. Will outperform your ENTIRE eyepiece Collection 
4. Live Video Viewing with no Computer Required 
5. A Planetary, Lunar, Solar, and Deep Sky camera all in one. 
6. Unlimited Exposure times possible 
7. Unique OPTIONAL Cooling System for artifact free images! 
8. The result of 12 years of video camera research and development. 

The StellaCam3 System (AV-STCAM3) includes: 
StellaCam3 B&W CCD Video Integrating Imaging System with NTSC Video Output Power Supply, 1.25"-C Adapter, 
RCA-F Connector, & 25' Video Cable,
Instructions, One Year Warranty.
$1115AUD - out of stock

The Cooled StellaCam3 System (AV-STCAM3-TMS) includes: 
StellaCam3 B&W CCD Video Integrating Imaging System with NTSC Video Output with Cooled Thermal Management System, 
Power Supply, 1.25"-C Adapter, RCA-F Connector, & 25' Video Cable,
Instructions, One Year Warranty.
$1435AUD - out of stock

AV-STCAM-II	Astrovid StellaCam II - B&W CCD Video Integrating ( Up To 256X Frames)
		Imaging System, Control Box, 1.25 C Adapter, 12V Regulated Power Supply.
		With Sony ExView Chip Set
		$700AUD Secondhand - in stock

The StellaCam3 System (AV-STCAM3) includes: 
StellaCam3 B&W CCD Video Integrating Imaging System with NTSC Video Output Power Supply, 1.25"-C Adapter, 
RCA-F Connector, & 25' Video Cable,
		$900AUD - Secondhand - in stock

The Astrovid StellaCam EX is a highly sensitive video camera capable of imaging both deep sky and planetary objects. It has the lowest light video system available on the market today, and has an increase in sensitivity over the standard StellaCam of between 150% and 175%. The StellaCam EX utilizes Sony's new ExView 1/2" monochrome 600-line, top-of-the-line Ceramic Dual Inline Package Monochrome Sensor. It has an equivalent 0.00005 LUX rating when accumulating deep-sky objects, and a rating of 0.005 when in planetary mode at 1/60th of a second. Prior to the advent of the StellaCam an Image intensifier was required to capture deep sky objects such as nebula, galaxies, and planetary nebulae. However, the StellaCam will perform very well with an image intensifying system such as the Collin's I Cubed intensifier. The Astrovid StellaCam EX performs many imaging tasks extremely well, including: deep sky video imaging, video finder for CCD imaging, planetary, lunar, solar imaging, satellite imaging, meteor imaging, camera lens imaging of aurora, very low light security applications such as in bridges, tunnels etc., biomedical and florescent detection applications. The Stellacam EX is strictly engineered to incorporate "Clean Video Technology". Through the use of the proper components you'll get the highest quality images that are free of noise. The proper use of Clean Video Technology includes both the selection and design of the entire system - including the power supply, camera head, remote cabling, control box, connectors, video cable, wiring, and grounding. AVA inspects every camera head and every camera system is inspected and re-tested just prior to shipment.. If it does not meet their specifications, it is rejected. What's more, a large number of components is kept on stock at AVA in the rare event that a repair or replacement is needed. The unique remote control box found in the Astrovid StellaCam EX line was a ground-breaking innovation. It was first developed by AVA so that critical adjustments could be made to cameras in the field without disturbing the telescope. Now it's no longer necessary to fumble in the dark with tiny dip switches or screws. Adjustments can be made from distances of up to 300 feet. This makes the StellaCam EX perfect for observatories, schools, colleges, etc. The control box also incorporates the "Clean Video Technology" protocol and is shielded and grounded to prevent any interference and has both S-Video and Composite Video outputs. The remote cable (camera to control box) allows the Astrovid StellaCam EX to be used up to 300 feet away and incorporates the video signal, the camera control signal, and the power to the camera. Each one of these signals follows the "CVT" protocol and is grounded and shielded from the other signals. Each component is properly grounded and ground loops are eliminated yielding clean, noise-free images. The use of a single cable, with it's grounded and shielded DB-15 connector, creates a simple system, making connections at the telescope and remote control box a snap. There are no messy camera connections, no long extension cords and no need for extra video cables dangling from the telescope that could get tangled in the drives. This is especially important in robotic or observatory systems where the imager is not close by. The 10 bit CDS/AGC/AD convertor used in the Astrovid StellaCam and StellaCam EX will give you a much higher quality video image. It will also produce a much higher frame captured image. The main reason to use the 10 bit A/D converter is to give a better gamma (contrast) correction. Proper gamma correction is the essential technology needed to create an excellent quality image. Most of the monitor tubes have 1/0.45=2.22 gamma curve and LCD panels have an even worse gamma curve of 1/0.3-3.33. If a perfect linear video signal is sent to a CRT for image display, the end result will be a very bad image with 80% of the information compressed into only 30% of the gray scale. In other words you have lost much of your image quality and the amount of grayscale information for image processing has also been lost. During gamma correction process, the DSP will needs 2 to 10 times more information, or in another words, 2 to 4 more bits of data to provide enough detailed information for processing later on. The perfect way to do Gamma correction is to input 12 bit and yield 8 bit after process with an extra 4 bit ( 12-8 = 4 bit ). The DSP will produce a perfect image with all of the possible gray scale information rendered correctly. There will be more grayscale information than can be discerned with the human eye. Most CCD cameras available only use 9 bit DSP's for the surveillance / security camera market. This only gives 1 bit more of information or 2 times more gray scale. The result is that the dark portions of the image will lose a great amount of gray scale detail. The Astrovid StellaCam and StellaCam EX use the 10 bit converter. This provides 4 times more gray scale information or 2 bit more data. The result is a very brilliant image with 4 times more grayscale than conventional security CCD cameras such as the PC232.

AV-SWC-EXANT StellaCam Wireless Controller (Ext Ant) Wireless Controller for StellaCam/Wat-120N(+) cameras with External Antenna $440AUD AV-SWC-INANT StellaCam Wireless Controller (Int Ant) Wireless Controller for StellaCam/Wat-120N(+) cameras with Internal Antenna $440AUD AV-SC-PS StellaCam Power Supply (USA) 1.2Amp, 12Volt Regulated Power Supply for Cooled StellaCam3 with USA AC Plug $49AUD AV-SC-PS-INTL StellaCam Power Supply (Worldwide) 1.2Amp, 12Volt Regulated Power Supply for Cooled StellaCam3 with Worldwide Interchangable AC Plugs $75AUD AV-125C C-to-1.25" Adapter with Cap 1.25" Adapter For C or CS Mounts Video Cameras $43AUD AV-25FT-VIDCABLE 25' Video Cable 25' Video Cable with BNC connectors and BNC-to-RCA Adapter $40AUD AV-BNC-TO-RCA BNC-F to RCA-M Adapter BNC-Female to RCA-Male Adapter for Video Cable $15AUD
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