BK 804 AZ3 80mm (3.1″) Refractor trackable Telescope


The Auto-Tracking telescope is an evolutionary alt-azimuth mount that allows automatic tracking of Celestial objects without complicated add-ons. It can be used not only for astronomy but for terrestrial applications as well. It is very simple and easy to use.
Available with 70/700mm refractor, 80/400mm refractor, 80/900mm refractor, 76/700mm reflector, and Mak 80/1000mm.


Sky-Watcher BK804 AZ3 Achromatic Refractor on Alt-Azimuth Mount
Diameter 80mm (3.1″)
Focal Length 400mm
F/Ratio F/5 Finder Scope 6×30
Focuser Diameter 1.25″
Diagonal 1.25″ 45 deg. erect diagonal
Eye Piece 1.25″
Super 25mm and 10m

Product Features

The Sky-Watcher 70mm (2.8″) f/5 and 80mm (3.1″) telescopes are two-element, air-spaced, fully multi- coated objective, refractors.
The 80mm f5 is a well- proven performer which gives "rich- field" views of star fields, clusters, nebulae, bright galaxies, planets, the Moon and (with correct filtering or by projection) the Sun, as well as excellent terrestrial views.

One of the greatest assets of these solidly built telescopes is portability. The light-weight optical tube (1.5kg; 3.3lbs), and the compressed length of about 480mm (18″) make it a good "take it with me" telescope.

The optical tube can be adapted to fit into an airline carry-on bag, or into a hiker's backpack.
Whether it is used as a beginner's telescope, a backup scope, a guide scope, or as a traveling telescope, the very reasonable price makes this a choice to seriously consider.

They are quick and easy to set up, and the low- maintenance, with enclosed optics fully collimated at the factory. Alignment of the finderscope is all that are needed to start viewing.

The optical tube assemblies are held firmly by hinged, felt-lined "tube mounting rings" which allow easy installation and optical tube rotation and balancing.

Mounting one of these telescopes on the supplied aluminum alt-azimuth mount or a photographic tripod is quick and simple with the supplied "multi-function mount plate".
Both telescopes perform well as a fixed aperture lenses for both astrophotography and terrestrial photography.

The "fast" focal ratios, combined with today's high speed films, make them useful for capturing lunar and solar eclipses as well as nature photographs.

With a suitable T-adapter, a camera can be connected directly to the T-mount thread on the eyepiece holder and a supplied 60mm (2.4″) extension tube allows closer focusing for terrestrial photography.