DFCii coin operated binoculars

$6670.00 "For full pricelist click here"

The Auto-Tracking telescope is an evolutionary alt-azimuth mount that allows automatic tracking of Celestial objects without complicated add-ons. It can be used not only for astronomy but for terrestrial applications as well. It is very simple and easy to use.
Available with 70/700mm refractor, 80/400mm refractor, 80/900mm refractor, 76/700mm reflector, and Mak 80/1000mm.


  • Weatherproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor installations
  • Low maintenance
  • Optical design lenses with multi layers of coating
  • Filled with nitrogen gas for fog-free and dust resistance
  • Protective glass
  • Binocular, wide-angle viewing
  • 3 choices of magnification 20x, 25x or 30x
  • Objective lens dia 80mm
  • High twilight factor for high image quality night time viewing
  • Adjustable focus
  • Focus range 25m to infinity
  • Can be turned in 360º horizontally and +30º, -45º vertically
  • High grade cast-alloy body
  • Three layers of coating - resistant to fading, peeling, chipping, cracking and oxidation
  • Standard colour: Ivory (other colours available on request)
  • Range of base and mounting options including disabled bases
  • Range of step options for child access
  • Eyepiece height at 140cm or 160cm
  • Invisible money box lock with two layers of theft protection
  • Adjustable coin chute accepts most foreign coins
  • Adjustable viewing time (30 to 180 seconds)
  • Long battery life - source x2 1.5v batteries (x2 3AAA) battery life of 6 months
  • Easy installation
  • Overall weight 35 kg
  • Overall dimensions 42 x 35 x 145cm
  • 3-year warranty
  • Built to order to your specifications
  • Normal delivery time 30 days

Product Features


  • Elegant modern design
  • Hand built to order, to your specifications
  • Powerful lenses with high twilight factor
  • Totally weatherproof
  • Suitable for any climate
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations
  • Low maintenance
  • Choice of base options, steps and colours
  • Easy to install
  • Full warranty and ongoing support



Optional Digital Coin Counter

Monitor your takings from your coin operated telescope or coin binoculars.

Optional Digital Coin Counter CPU is specifically designed for the HDC DigiFoX coin operated range including:

  • DFC1 & DFC2 Coin Operated Binoculars
  • DFCT1 & DFCT2 Coin Operated Telescopes
  • DFC4 Duel Head Mounting
  • DFC5 Wheelchair Accessible Mounting